Lehlaka Group of Companies


The Lehlaka Group Structure shows all subsidiaries within the Lehlaka Group of Companies, indicating their principal areas of operation.

Lehlaka Group of Companies Lehlaka Health and Safety Consultants Lehlaka Supply Chain Management Lehlaka Rail and Civil Lehlaka Energy Lehlaka Transportation Lehlaka Information Technology Services


The key to Lehlaka's growth is to play a strategic role in the delivery of complete business and leadership solutions to its target market. Lehlaka Group is committed to providing a stimulating and empowering environment for employees.

Lehlaka Group provides value and delivers excellence to its customers through:

  • A single point of contact
  • Managing complex transitions to new business and leadership skills
  • Management of different vendors and service providers
  • Reduced and controlled operating costs
  • Standardization of platforms
  • Improved company focus
  • Consistent service level management
  • Availability of skilled resources
  • Proactive approach
  • Improved end-user service

Lehlaka Group is committed to becoming the business and leadership solution provider of choice by delivering a high level of service and expertise. By utilizing information technology to realize tangible business benefits for its customers, Lehlaka Group aims to ensure sustainable business opportunities, skills transfer, as well as training and development opportunities for all employees.

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