Lehlaka Group of Companies


The Lehlaka Group Structure shows all subsidiaries within the Lehlaka Group of Companies, indicating their principal areas of operation.

Lehlaka Group of Companies Lehlaka Health and Safety Consultants Lehlaka Supply Chain Management Lehlaka Rail and Civil Lehlaka Energy Lehlaka Transportation Lehlaka Information Technology Services


"To empower employees and utilize the highest levels of expertise, professionalism and service, based on a colour and gender preference, without compromising the satisfaction and success of the customer."

As a follow-up to the Reconstruction and Development Programme, the South African Government has identified employment creation and skills transfer as focal pillars of social and economic transformation. In line with this vision, Lehlaka Group has aligned itself with several skills transfer initiatives, and has, to date, outlined a comprehensive program of training and people skills development within the company and externally.

Lehlaka Group fully supports the Employment Equity Bill, and understands the critical need to economically empower historically disadvantaged individuals, both through employment, and education, in order to build a sustainable and broad based economy.

The company has mapped out a long-term strategy of steady organic growth and service expansion and will endeavour to empower, educate and uplift previously disadvantaged individuals.

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